SWIMMING Sinker rings

Diving Rings - Rescue

Item Code : S1566
Brand : Schuyler
Rescue teams on life boats. Solid rubber construction.
Code Color Specifications
S1566 Black 5 kg.


Diving Rings - Synthetic

Item Code : S1565
Brand : Schuyler
Code Color Specifications
S1565 R / B / G / Y Set of 4 160mm, 200 gms.


Diving Rings - Smooth

Item Code : S1564
Brand : Schuyler
Code Color Specifications
S1564 R / Y / G 140mm , 130 gms.

Sinker Ring Transparent

Item Code : S1563
Brand : Schuyler
Ideal for the fun and life saving practice. Cannot be visible untill very close up.
Color Specifications
S1563 Set of 6


Sinker Rings

Item Code : S1561
Brand : Schuyler
Sand filled, weighted rings stand upright on pool floor for easy grabbing. Diving for these rings is not only fun, but it promotes underwater swimming skills and confidence in young children.
Code Specifications
S1561 Set of 4 in Display Pack
S1562 Set of 4 in Zip Lock Bag