Rounder Bat Colored

Item Code : S2354
Brand : Schuyler
Vision rounders bat is a basic stick with a pommel grip handle.
NRA standard.
Stricking color ways to choose from Pink, Red and Orange.
Rubber Grip.

Batting Tee

Item Code : S2353
Brand : Schuyler
Rounder batting tee. 
Stable and adjustable rubber batting tee with retaining clip and rubber base.
Code Specifications
S2353 Ideal for starter sessions

Posts & Bases

Item Code : S2349
Brand : Schuyler
Black solid rubber bases with an inner diameter of 25 mm, to hold white colored rounder posts.
Code Color Specifications
S2349 Black Base
S2350 White 25 mm Plastic Posts. 220mm with closed ends.
S2351 White 25 mm Wooden Posts with safety cap.

Rounder Balls

Item Code : S2346
Brand : Schuyler
A range of hand stitched balls.
Code Specifications
S2346 Match. Wool & Cotton layering. Red stitching.
S2347 School. Cork center with black stitching.
S2348 Practice. Cork center with black stitching.

Rounder Bat

Item Code : S2340
Brand : Schuyler
460 mm x 50 mm. Made of white wood.
Code Specifications
S2340 Cord Bound Handle
S2341 Cord Bound Handle & Rubber Grip
S2342 Flat Model with Cord Bound Handle
S2343 Flat Model, Cane Handle and Cord Bound Handle

Rounder Bat - Plastic

Item Code : S2355
Brand : Schuyler
Sturdy Plastic construction.
Lightweight Bat.

Rounder Foam Bat

Item Code : S2356
Brand : Schuyler
Soft PU foam bat 300g and ball.
Length : 46cm for safe play.
Recommended for ages 4+.

Rounders Safety Cap

Item Code : S2352
Brand : Schuyler
Post cap to fit 25 mm (1") rounders pole. For extra visibility and safety.
Code Color Specifications
S2352 Black 24 mm

Stick Carrying Basket

Item Code : S2344
Brand : Schuyler
White plastic coated steel mesh, holds upto 9 sticks.
Code Color Specifications
S2344 White 185 mm x 185 mm x 380 mm. Without divider
S2345 White 185 mm x 185 mm x 380 mm. With divider