Balance Board

Item Code : S2207
Brand : Schuyler
Plastic construction, ideal for sports training and rehabilitation.
Code Specifications
S2207 Heavy Duty Plastic

Dumbell - Steel

Item Code : S2190
Brand : Schuyler
Steel Chrome plated dumbells.
Code Specifications
S2190 1 Kg.
S2191 1.5 Kg.
S2192 2 Kg.
S2193 2.5 Kg.
S2194 3 Kg.
S2195 4 Kg.
S2196 5 Kg.
S2197 10 Kg

Exercise Mats

Item Code : S2204
Brand : Schuyler
Strong Cover multi-purpose exercise mats.
Code Specifications
S2204 Straight Model 180cm x 60cm x 20mm
S2205 Folding Model 180cm x 60cm x 15mm

Exercise Mats - Vinyl

Item Code : S2206
Brand : Schuyler
Soft vinyl aerobic mat for extra comfort and maximum versatility. 
Instructions for different exercises are printed on the mat. 
Easily cleaned with damp cloth.
Code Specifications
S2206 2' x 6' 10mm thickness

Kettle Bells - Double Color

Item Code : S2208
Brand : Schuyler
Solid Cast Iron weights with colored handles. 
Each weight has a different color.
Code Specifications
S2208 4kg 90mm
S2209 8kg 113mm
S2210 10kg 120mm
S2211 12kg 130mm
S2212 16kg 150mm
S2213 20kg 165mm
S2214 24kg 172mm

Kettle Bells - Solid Black

Item Code : S2215
Brand : Schuyler
Solid Cast Iron weights with handles. 
In compliance with the norms, Widely used for exercises and fitness training.
Code Specifications
S2215 4 Kg. 90 mm
S2216 8 Kg. 113 mm
S2217 10 Kg. 120 mm
S2218 12 Kg. 130 mm
S2219 16 Kg. 150 mm
S2220 20 Kg. 165 mm
S2221 24 Kg. 172 mm

Multi-Colour Play Mat

Item Code : S2506
Brand : Schuyler

The Multi-Colour Play Mat is made of a PVC coated fabric filled with PE Foam. It is suitable for children and toddlers, and can be attached side by side or stacked for various purposes.

Please note that this products is sold in the configuration shown in the photo.

 Velcro lining to combine.

 Sold in the configuration shown in the photo.

Code Specifications
S2506 50cn x 50cm x 5cm

Weight Lifting Belts - Eva

Item Code : S2186
Brand : Schuyler
Eva foam padding with velcro adjustment.
Code Specifications
S2186 Small
S2187 Medium
S2188 Large
S2189 X-Large

Weight Lifting Belts - Natural Leather

Item Code : S2182
Brand : Schuyler
Natural genuine leather with padding.
Code Specifications
S2182 Small
S2183 Medium
S2184 Large
S2185 X-Large

Weight Lifting Gloves

Item Code : S2180
Brand : Schuyler
Absorb the pressure felt on hands when lifting heavier weights.
Code Specifications
S2180 Soft Chrome Leather with Velcro
S2181 Leather Palm, Mesh Back with Velcro

Weighted Vest

Item Code : S2202
Brand : Schuyler
Heavy duty nylon material vest with secured pockets.
Velcro closing belt with foam padding on the shoulder.
Use for your aerobic conditioning, weight loss, strength training.
Safe and balanced distribution of the weight.
Code Specifications
S2202 10 Lbs. 20 Pockets 200g
S2203 20 Lbs. 20 Pockets 400g

Wood Vaulting Box

Item Code : S2507
Brand : Schuyler
Code Specifications
S2507 Dimensions: W-97 x L-150 x H-120cm 

Wrist / Ankle Weights

Item Code : S2198
Brand : Schuyler
Nylon weighted pouches with velcro straps for easy fastening.
Code Specifications
S2198 2 x 500 g
S2199 2 x 750 g
S2200 2 x 1125 g
S2201 2 x 2250 g