Break Away-Evasion Belt

Item Code : S1209
Brand : Schuyler
Have fun while you improve speed, agility, balance and reaction time.
Partner up and see who can move the quickest and be first to break away.
Easy to adjust waist belts connect with velcro strap.
Code Specifications
S1209 Set of 2

Catapult Trainer

Item Code : S1216
Brand : Schuyler
Includes 2 padded waist belts & sleeve covered flexi cord.
The back runner athlete is pulled faster so they are forced to increse stride rate and reactive strength.
Device also helps in making straight line speed perfect.

Evasion Belt Classic

Item Code : S1211
Brand : Schuyler
Great for improving lateral movement and foot speed.
Ideal for marking as well as multi directional quickness drills.

Harness Resistance Trainer

Item Code : S1215
Brand : Schuyler
Consists of adjustable harness belt which fits all & 10 feet long nylon webbing belt with handle. Effective device to add load to sprinting.

Harness Speed Sled

Item Code : S1222
Brand : Schuyler
Consists of sled shoulder with strong support padding & nylon webbing attachment tale with snaphooks to connect the sled.
Code Specifications
S1222 4.300kg

Hop Speed Tube

Item Code : S1217
Brand : Schuyler
Flexi latex rubber tube with foot straps for vertical jump training.
Device helps train on your own by resisting your straight jumps

Jump Trainer Flexi Cord

Item Code : S1214
Brand : Schuyler
Comes with padded waist belt, 2 sleeve covered flexi cords.
Long flexi cord has wide sleeve padding for protection to knees and sides.
Helps improve vertical jumping ability & provides excellent resisted jump.

Lateral Step Resistor

Item Code : S1212
Brand : Schuyler
Helps develop lateral speed, balance and step quickness.
Ankle band made of 2" nylon webbing with padding and rubber elastic cord.
As you reach to the side the flexicord resists the muscles used in lateral movement.

Lateral Step Tube Resistor

Item Code : S1213
Brand : Schuyler
Lateral Quickness is specificaly improved with the device by utilizing the flexi cord slim rubber tube resistance to recruit muscle work. Compact and light weight model.

Leg Tube Toner

Item Code : S1218
Brand : Schuyler
This device with latex rubber tube & handle is used for strengthening leg movements & building leg strength.
Fluid motion helps muscle grow for great sprinting & kick Training.

Pass Trainer Rugby

Item Code : S1220
Brand : Schuyler
Rugby pass trainer with adjustable webbing and padded wrist straps which restricts your hands from dropping down when catching and passing.

Power Sled

Item Code : S1224
Brand : Schuyler
The monster of all sleds! This heavy duty sled can be pulled using a harness and lead, pushed using the vertical plate racks or pushed using the two horizontal bars. 
•    Sturdy frame made of 60mm x 60mm steel tubing.
•    3 ring attachements for towing.
•    6mm steel shoes that can be used on any surface.
•    Detachable chrome plated plate stacks (suitable for Olympic Plates only).
•    Harness and weights not included.
Code Specifications
S1224 40kg

Power Speed Resistor

Item Code : S1207
Brand : Schuyler
This equipment helps to improve your sprinting by using resistance.
Your partner is holding you back, making it difficult for you to sprint.
Code Specifications
S1207 Delux
S1208 Standard

Power Tube Builder

Item Code : S1219
Brand : Schuyler
Improve acceleration and running power while building proper technique during sprint accelerations.
Come with padded adjustable waist belt, rubber tube & 2 split padded handles.
The rubber cord allows variable resistance and is 3m unstretched.

Speed Sled Premium

Item Code : S1221
Brand : Schuyler
Heavy gauge PU painted steel construction with center 25 mm dia, 9.5" tall pole to mount any extra weight.
Pole can be fitted to sled with help of bolts.
Comes with shoulder harness & attachments to connect the sled. 
Speed resistance sled helps improve acceleration, Strength and stamina with weight resisted sprints.
Code Specifications
S1221 21kg

Tower Sled

Item Code : S1223
Brand : Schuyler
Solid with a unloaded unit weight of 35kg, compact and durable sled that will allow you to perform all types of Pushing, Pulling and Sprint training on most surfaces although Astro Turf or Outdoor use.
The design and functionality have been improved with a collapsible centre weight stack (this weight stack is held in place by a 5mm bolt and stays is rigid when stacked with weight plates) allow to easily collapse the 60cm weight stacker to a flat position for Transport.
Unit size: 100 x 65 x 20cm (collapsed).

Training Hardness With Handle

Item Code : S1210
Brand : Schuyler
Ideal for speed training, giving a force working in the opposite direction. To be used by 2 persons, one working out while the other holds back his movements.