FITNESS licorice Ropes

Beach Wood Speed Ropes

Item Code : S2244
Brand : Schuyler
Naturally polished seasoned beach wood handle.
Rope Diameter: 5mm.
Colors: Black Metallic, Blue Metallic and Cherry Metallic.
Code Specifications
S2244 2.14 M (7 ft)
S2245 2.43 M (8 ft)
S2246 2.74 M (9 ft)
S2247 3.05 M (10 ft)

Cloth Skipping Rope

Item Code : S2252
Brand : Schuyler
10mm Polypropylene Ropes with knotted ends.
Easy to control.
Go soft and easy on your hands and hold a good arc when jumping.
Code Specifications
S2252 2.14M (7ft)
S2253 2.4 M (8ft)
S2254 2.74M (9ft)
S2255 3.05M (10ft)

Double Dutch Licorice Jump Ropes

Item Code : S2256
Brand : Schuyler
Hollow PolyVinyl Double Dutch jump ropes.
Classic, cost effective way to stay healthy.
.Rope Diameter: 6mm. 
Available in bright colors.
Code Specifications
S2256 4.25M (14ft)
S2257 4.90M (16ft)
S2258 6.00M (20ft)
S2259 6.70M (22ft)

Jump Ropes

Item Code : S2240
Brand : Schuyler
Hollow PolyVinyl ropes with durable handles for fast spinning.
Rope Diameter : 6 mm
Available in bright colors.
Code Specifications
S2240 2.14 M (7 ft)
S2241 2.43 M (8 ft)
S2242 2.74 M (9 ft)
S2243 3.05 M (10 ft)

Licorice Speed Ropes - Long Handle

Item Code : S2231
Brand : Schuyler
Code Specifications
S2231 2.74M (9ft.)

Licorice Speed Ropes - PHT Free

Item Code : S2232
Brand : Schuyler
100 % Phthalate Free Speed Ropes.
Available in variable lengths and bright colors.
Code Specifications
S2232 2.14 M (7 ft)
S2233 2.43 M (8 ft)
S2234 2.74 M (9 ft)
S2235 3.05 M (10 ft)

Licorice Speed Ropes - Short Handle

Item Code : S2224
Brand : Schuyler
Modern way of rope speed skipping.
5mm solid PolyVinyl ropes with durable easy grip black handles for fast spinning.
Code Specifications
S2224 2.14 M (7 ft)
S2225 2.43 M (8 ft)
S2226 2.74 M (9 ft)
S2226-10 3.05 M (10 ft)
Double Dutch Licorice Speed Ropes
S2227 4.25 M (14 ft)
S2228 4.90 M (16 ft)
S2229 6.00 M (20 ft)
S2230 6.70 M (22 ft)

Licorice Speed Ropes - Twin Color

Item Code : S2236
Brand : Schuyler
Attractive two color combinations for speed ropes.
Code Specifications
S2236 2.14 M (7 ft)
S2237 2.43 M (8 ft)
S2238 2.74 M (9 ft)
S2239 3.05 M (10 ft)

Sectional Link Beaded Rope

Item Code : S2248
Brand : Schuyler
Available in with combination of different colored beads.
Unbreakable soft beads.
Red, Blue, Black, Purple, Green, Yellow colored beads.
Code Specifications
S2248 2.14M (7ft)
S2249 2.43M (8ft)
S2250 2.74M (9ft)
S2251 3.05M (10ft)