CRICKET Coaching

Cricket Boundary Flag

Item Code : S2797
Brand : Schuyler
Ideal accessory to mark cricket boundaries.
Code Specifications
S2797 Pack of 20 White

Wicket Gauges

Item Code : S2799
Brand : Schuyler
Metal Gauges for marking the exact position of the stumps


Code Specifications
S2799 Metal

Boundary Space Marker

Item Code : S2798
Brand : Schuyler
White colored marker cones for marking boundaries
Code Specifications
S2798 Set of 50 with carry device.



Bowlers Markers Disc

Item Code : S2796
Brand : Schuyler
Useful aid enabling the bowler to mark their run up accurately
Code Specifications
S2796 2.50" diameter


Cricket Score Board

Item Code : S2794
Brand : Schuyler
Portable, made in the traditional flip over style with classic white numerals on a black background.
• Ideal for club and school use.
• Supplied in a strong carry case. 
• Indicates - Runs, Wickets, Overs and Target.
Code Specifications
S2794 Dimensions: - 124cm x 40cm.

Cricket Sets

Item Code : S2780
Brand : Schuyler
Simplified game of cricket for boys and girls of all ages. Can be played all year on any surfac

Double Set

Contains two bats, two balls, two stump bases, Four bails & six stumps in a nylon carry bag.
Code Specifications
S2780 Adult 32" Bat
S2781 Senior 30" Bat
S2782 Junior 29" Bat

Single Set


Contains one bat, one ball, one stump base, Two bails and three stumps in nylon bag.

Code Specifications
S2783 Adult 32" Bat
S2784 Senior 30" Bat
S2785 Junior 29" Bat


Code Specifications
S2786 Senior 30" Bat
S2787 Junior 29" Bat
S2788 Balls
S2789 Stump
S2790 Stump Base
S2791 1 Bat (30") + Ball
S2792 1 Bat (29") + Ball


Cricket Sets - Wooden

Item Code : S2793
Brand : Schuyler
Contains one bat, one ball, two bails and three stumps in nylon bag.
Code Specifications
S2793 Junior 29" Bat


Inner Boundary Markers

Item Code : S2795
Brand : Schuyler
Cricket inner circle marker discus
Code Specifications
6" diameter