SOCCER TRANING Circular Soccer

Circular Soccer

Item Code : S9999
Brand : Schuyler

Brand: Schuyler Circular Soccer


  • Unique & durable 3-sided pop-up net (ready for use in 30 secs)
  • Works on 3G & indoor due to 3 rubber-weighted feet (as well as grass)
  • Good for football clubs & schools (skills training) or back garden 'free-play'
  • Comes with marker discs, steel ground pegs & handy backpack (Each Net face 4ft wide)
  • Good for finishing and passing drills (all ages, esp Grassroots 5-11yrs)

Publisher: Circular Soccer

Details: INTRODUCING A NEW GLOBAL GAME & TRAINING CONCEPT: CIRCULAR FOOTBALL.  Re-invents the end-to-end drill of "attackers v defenders". Trialled and tested by FIFA for their Global Grassroots Programme. Drills and videos by UEFA Coach, Jackie Evans ex. Man United The format for playing Circular Football, either as a game or training aid, is simple: attackers start from the kick-off cones and take on defenders to try and score in any one of the 3 TriGoal nets. Usually the attacking team will play continuously in a "5 min" or "5 goal" format and player numbers can be flexible, from 1v1, 2v1, 2v2... up to 5v5. Normal football rules apply except there are no sidelines and players cannot step inside the no-go-zone, which is made by quickly laying out orange marker discs in a circle round the net.