Penalty Dummy Wall / Cart

Item Code : S1271
Brand : Schuyler
Heavy duty steel construction, Suitable to carry 5 x dummies. Convenient in transportation
Code Specifications
S1271 White

Mannequin Base

Item Code : S1263
Brand : Schuyler
Heavy duty base to place on astro turf and hard grounds. Sutaible for senior and junior mannequins.
Code Color Specification
S1263 Black 12kg

Mannequin Classic

Item Code : S1260
Brand : Schuyler
Good suitable for the pro version and further improved with a more durable base.
Code Specifications
S1260 Senior 5ft 11"
S1261 Junior 5ft 4"

Penalty Dummies

Item Code : S1264
Brand : Schuyler
Sturdy steel tube construction with 4 spikes to insert into ground. Mesh frame in middle.
Code Color Specifications
S1264 Orange 160cm
S1265 Orange 180cm

Cloth Cover Penalty Dummies

Item Code : S1266
Brand : Schuyler
With heavy duty nylon fabric.
Code Color Specifications
S1266 Orange 160cm
S1267 Orange 180cm



Dummy Cart Single Penalty

Item Code : S1270
Brand : Schuyler
Heavy duty steel Cart to carry single dummy. Perfect for astro turf.
Code Specifications
S1270 Orange Cart with 160cm dummy

Free Kick Man Folding

Item Code : S1268
Brand : Schuyler
Easily transportable, each man folds easily into the carry bag.
Can also be used as obstacle layouts, for dribbling or goalkeeping coaching. 
3 Free kick man and 6 boundary poles 6ft (1.83m) high.
Code Specifications
S1268 Pack Excluding Poles
S1269 Pack Including Poles

Mannequin Spring Loaded

Item Code : S1262
Brand : Schuyler
Mannequin which returns to upright position on itself.
Code Specifications
S1262 Senior with spring bottom

Penalty Dummies - Adjustable

Item Code : S1272
Brand : Schuyler
Indoor/Outdoor dummies adjustable in different heights.
Detachable foots for ease in transportation and storage.
Code Specifications
S1272 Yellow