TRACK AND FIELD Starting block


Item Code : S1806
Brand : Schuyler
Steel center rail slotted for quick and easy movement of blocks.
Artificial rubber faced plastic foot blocks with rotating spikes for surfaces.
Code Specifications
S1806 Steel


Item Code : S1801
Brand : Schuyler
Adjustable 32" double bar, rubber faced foot blocks with large and small pins.
Code Specifications
S1801 Adjustable


Item Code : S1807
Brand : Schuyler
Aluminium bar fitted with rubber faced blocks to take in spikes.
Rotating spikes for artificial surfaces.
Code Specifications
S1807 Steel


Item Code : S1800
Brand : Schuyler
62mm slotted aluminium channel.
Rubber faced foot blocks adjustable at four different angles.
Suitable for all track.
Code Specifications
S1800 62mm

Indoor / Outdoor

Item Code : S1808
Brand : Schuyler
Moulded rubber shaped blocks.
Foot pressure on the flaps provides a non slip start.
Code Specifications
S1808 Brown


Item Code : S1796
Brand : Schuyler
75mm heavy aluminium slotted channel. 
Aluminium foot blocks with 4 angle adjustable.
Rust proof S/S plates with spikes for all tracks. 
Code Specifications
S1796 75mm

International Pro

Item Code : S1797
Brand : Schuyler
82mm heavy slotted center rail with thick ribs to slip in anchor plates to ensure high ground stability.
In built handle for easy carrying with spikes for sythetic track.
Code Specifications
S1797 82mm

Jet Classic

Item Code : S1805
Brand : Schuyler
Anodized steel slotted center rail for schools.
Rubber faced plastic foot blocks with spikes for all surfaces.
Code Specifications
S1805 Steel


Max Power

Item Code : S1799
Brand : Schuyler
Single body 100mm wide and 8mm thick Aluminium casting Channel.
Precisely moulded and wide pedals imparts more stability to the block.
Rubber pads pasted on the pedal face.
15mm long spike on the bottom facing surface to secure firmly on the playing surface.

Olympic Pro

Item Code : S1795
Brand : Schuyler
Heavy duty aluminium slotted channel.
Extra heavy aluminium foot blocks with 4 angle adjustments.
Rust proof S/S plates with spikes for synthetic track.
Code Specifications
S1795 100mm


Item Code : S1803
Brand : Schuyler
Casted aluminium center bar with tartan rubber faced aluminium foot block.
Code Specifications
S1803 Without spikes.
S1804 With S/S plated spikes.

Record Master

Item Code : S1802
Brand : Schuyler
A durable, rubber faced starting block with anchor spikes for dirt tracks.
Code Specifications
S1802 Adjustable

Starting Block- Titan

Item Code : S1798
Brand : Schuyler
Powder coated steel slotted channel.
Rubber pad glued.
15mm long spikes on the lower surface to secure firmly on the gound surface.
Ideal for training and schools.