Elastic Crossbar

Item Code : S1814
Brand : Schuyler
High tension elastic cord with 6" x 1" alternating black and white foam sections.
Code Color Specifications
S1814 Black / White Square foam sections with orange rubber cord.
S1815 Black / White Round foam sections.


Fiberglass Crossbar - Pole Vault

Item Code : S1810
Brand : Schuyler
Thick walled with pultruded fiberglass.
Virtually unbreakable under normal conditions of use.
Moulded half round plastic ends for the ultimate hold.
Code Color Specifications
S1810 Orange 450cm

Fiberglass Crossbar - School

Item Code : S1811
Brand : Schuyler
An excellent choice for High School competition. 4 Meters.
Code Color Specifications
S1811 Yellow 25mm dia - 4m
S1812 Yellow 30mm dia - 4m
S1813 Yellow 30mm dia - 3m

Weighted Crossbar

Item Code : S1816
Brand : Schuyler
 Durable weighted leather sand-filled bags attached to ends of the rope.
Code Specifications
S1816 8mm 15 ft. PP Rope
S1817 8mm 15 ft. Elastic Rope