Alloy Hurdle

Item Code : S1858
Brand : Schuyler
Aluminium alloy hurdle is connected by plastic corner fittings. 
Height adjustment to 5 different positions.
Code Specifications
S1858 Senior 0.685m - 1.067m.
S1859 Junior 0.46m - 0.762m.

Scissor Hurdle

Item Code : S1853
Brand : Schuyler
Fiber glass crossbar top. Height Range: 9" to 36"
Code Specifications
S1853 FLAT steel with folded bottom.
S1854 Round steel tubular pipe.

Pro Hurdle

Item Code : S1850
Brand : Schuyler
Strong Hurdle made of 47mm Polyurethane painted Red steel tube. 
Counter weight adjusts to meet precise pull over force at each of the four heights.
Height Range: 0.762m to 1.067m
Code Specifications
S1850 Folding legs.

Return Hurdle

Item Code : S1855
Brand : Schuyler
Stable, light aluminum foldable construction with a diameter of 18- 22mm.
Adjustable height with automatic return to the upright position.
Protection of the upper bar by EVA foam to prevent possible injury.
MINI - 5 height levels (400-450-500-550-600mm)
Code Specifications
S1855 Mini 1.50kg. Width 780mm, 
Base 303mm.
MIDI - 7 height levels (550-600-650-700-750-800-840mm)
Code Specifications
S1856 Midi 2.00kg. Width 820mm, 
Base 433mm.
MAXI - 7 height levels (660-710-760-840-910-980-1060mm)
Code Specifications
S1857 Maxi 2.40kg. Width 850mm,
Base 513mm.


Rocker Hurdle

Item Code : S1860
Brand : Schuyler
Strong mild steel construction.
Excellent for training & schools.
Plastic gateboard. 
Dismantied into 4 parts for easy transport.
Code Specifications
S1860 Adjustable 5 diffierent heights from 30" to 42"

Roll Back Aluminium Hurdle

Item Code : S1863
Brand : Schuyler
Light weight sturdy design.
Natural anodizing and Lexan gate board.
Suitable for school level competitions and practice.
Five height adjustments as per IAAF rule.
Easily assembled/dismantled for easy storage and transportation.
Code Specifications
S1863 Bounce back

School Hurdle

Item Code : S1852
Brand : Schuyler
An economy range of adjustable height & folding legs Hurdle for easy transport.
Code Specifications
S1850 Plastic Crossbar top.

Spring Back Hurdle

Item Code : S1861
Brand : Schuyler
20mm square steel tube. Powder coated frame for durability. 
Double side Spring mechanism for returning hurdle.
Can be used in both directions to have a proper spring back resistance.
Rounded crossbar protected with soft lining. Stable hurdle feet with rubber pads.
Weights 6 kg.
Five level height adjustments.
Code Specifications
S1861 Senior 0.600m - 0.914m
S1862 Junior 0.450m - 0.686m

Stadium Hurdle

Item Code : S1851
Brand : Schuyler
Aluminium adjustable height hurdle with Folding legs.
Counter weight adjusts to meet precise pull over force at each of the four heights.
Code Specifications
S1851 Folding legs.