Agility Cube

Item Code : S1074
Brand : Schuyler
Writes correct balance and recovery skills into muscle memory.
Builds strength and endurance.
Burns calories at a blazing pace (400-700 per half hour).
Opens into a 9-box grid, measuring 5'x5'
Code Specifications
S1074  Each box in the grid measures approx. 20" square.

Agility Ladder- Flat Triple

Item Code : S1073
Brand : Schuyler


The popular speed training ladder in three lane variation.
Ideal for designing a versatile training course.
Code Specifications
S1073 4M. 10 rungs in each line.

Agility Ladder- Weighted

Item Code : S1072
Brand : Schuyler
12 weighed bags on a 50' long tape.
Can be used for different type of drills.
Code Specifications
S1072 2 fixed & 10 adjustable bags.

Foot speed Ladder- Round Premium

Item Code : S1056
Brand : Schuyler
Heavy duty agility ladder with round rungs.
A most simplistic and versatile training tool.
Teaches basic skills to beginners, as well as allowing professional athletes to develop blistering foot speed.
Rungs are spaced 40 cms apart and connected with durable webbing.
Connectable to make any length with another ladder using buckles.
Includes carry bag.
Code Specifications
S1056 2 M. 5 rungs.
S1057 4 M. 10 rungs.
S1058 8.5 M. 21 rungs.


Foot Speed Ladder- Fixed Premium

Item Code : S1055
Brand : Schuyler
New design speed training ladder with flat fixed rungs.
With provision to use stacking pin for easy transportation and storage.
Code Specifications
S1055 4M 10 rungs


Foot Speed Ladder- Flat Double

Item Code : S1048
Brand : Schuyler
With Double foot pattern, Distance between the two successive rungs can be adjusted.
Proves to be a very effective training aid.
Includes carry bag.
Code Specification
S1048 4 M. 10 x 2 rungs
S1049 9 M. 21 x 2 rungs


Foot Speed Ladder- Flat Quad

Item Code : S1064
Brand : Schuyler
Set consists of 4 flat ladders.
The connector is used for joining all the four ladders.
Different arrangements with the ladders enable a variety of drills.
Red, Blue, Yellow and Orange.
Code Specifications
S1064 2 M. 5 rungs - Set of 4.
S1065 4 M. 10 rungs - Set of 4.
S1066 9 M. 21 rungs - Set of 4.


Foot Speed Ladder- Flat School

Item Code : S1062
Brand : Schuyler
Speed Training ladder with flat economical adjustable rungs.
Rungs are spaced 40cm apart & economical in cost.
Code Specifications
S1062 4M 10 rungs
S1063 9M 20 rungs


Foot Speed Ladder- Indoor/Outdoor

Item Code : S1053
Brand : Schuyler
It can be used both indoor and outdoors surfaces.
Provided with ground pegs for usage OUTDOORS.
The vacuum mechanism holds the ladder for usage INDOORS.
Code Specifications
S1053 4M 10 rungs
S1054 9M 21 rungs

Foot Speed Ladder- Outdoor Flat

Item Code : S1045
Brand : Schuyler
A popular training aid for improving footwork skills, agility, coordination and balance.
Different drills can be practised by changing the distance between the rungs.
The clips at the end allow ladders to be joined easily to create a long run.
Includes carry bag.
Code Specifications
S1045 2 M. 5 rungs
S1046 4 M. 10 rungs
1047 9 M. 21 rungs


Foot Speed Ladder- Round Quad

Item Code : S1067
Brand : Schuyler
Set consists of 4 round rung ladders.
40cm wide round rungs, spaced 50cm apart.
Consists of 1 Red, 1 Blue, 1 Yellow and 1 Orange ladder and a carry bag.
Code Specifications
S1067 2 M. 5 rungs - Set of 4.


Foot Speed Ladder-Double Round

Item Code : S1059
Brand : Schuyler
More versatility to the drills being practised with the ladder.
Consists of 10 x 100cm long rungs with center webbing.
Each Block size 50 cm x 45cms.
Code Specifications
S1059 4 M. 10 rungs.
S1060 9 M. 21 rungs.


Foot Speed Ladder-Economy Flat

Item Code : S1070
Brand : Schuyler
Rungs are replaced by 1" wide webbing which makes the ladder light weight.
Provided with four ground spikes to hold the ladder.
Includes ground pegs and carry bag.
Code Specifications
S1070 4M 10 rungs.
S1071 5M 18 rungs.

Foot Speed Ladder-Outdoor Flat

Item Code : S1050
Brand : Schuyler
Stacking pin that avoids tangling and facilities easy & quick storage of the ladder.
Both rungs and webbing can be customized with logo.
Includes storage handle and carry bag.
Code Specification
S1050 4 M. 10 rungs
S1051 9 M. 21 rungs
S1052 4M x 4pcs (2 Yellow, 1 Blue & 1 Red)


Ladder Anti Skid

Item Code : S1061
Brand : Schuyler
Soft flexible rungs does not slip, ideal for indoor training.
Code Specifications
S1061 4M 10 rungs


Rainbow Round Training Ladder

Item Code : S1069
Brand : Schuyler
Made up of Red, Green, Purple, Orange, Yellow & Blue rungs.
Used as a multi colored gives coaches for great activity.
By changing the activity of each color you recall, color perception to have more fun.
Code Specifications
S1069 2M 6 rungs


Rainbow Training Ladder

Item Code : S1068
Brand : Schuyler
Set of six detachable Rainbow ladder.
Ideal for basic movement, balance, running, co-ordination & various activities.
Spaced 30cm apart.
Code Specifications
S1068 2M set of 6