Rubber - Black

Item Code : S1904
Brand : Schuyler
For training, accurate weight. Solid Rubber.
Code Specifications
S1904 0.350Kg
S1905 0.500Kg
S1906 0.600 Kg.
S1907 0.750 Kg.
S1908 0.800Kg
S1909 1.00 Kg
S1910 1.25 Kg.
S1911 1.50 Kg. 
S1912 1.61 Kg.
S1913 1.75 Kg. 
S1914 2.00 Kg.

Discus / Shots Cart

Item Code : S1942
Brand : Schuyler

Discus Carrier - Nylon

Item Code : S1939
Brand : Schuyler
Nylon carry bag.
Code Color Specifications
S1939 Black 1 Kg.
S1940 Black 2 Kg.

Discus Cart

Item Code : S1941
Brand : Schuyler

Discus Hand Grip

Item Code : S1936
Brand : Schuyler
Adjustable hand strap allows for efficient practice.
Code Color Specifications
S1936 Black 1 Kg.
S1937 Black 1.6 Kg.
S1938 Black 2 Kg.

Discus High Spin - Steel Rim

Item Code : S1874
Brand : Schuyler
High Spin Blue plastic discus with steel rim for gripping.
More than 75 % weight in the rim.
Code Specifications
S1874 1.00 Kg
S1875 1.25 Kg.
S1876 1.50 Kg. 
S1877 1.61 Kg.
S1878 1.75 Kg. 
S1879 2.00 Kg.


Discus Lo Spin - Steel Rim

Item Code : S1865
Brand : Schuyler
Lo-Spin Red Discus with strong plastic plates.
Unsurpassed durability at economical price.
70% weight in the rim.
Code Color Specifications
S1865 Red 0.600 Kg.
S1866 Sky Bule 0.750 Kg.
S1867 Red 0.800 Kg.
S1868 Blue 1.00 Kg
S1869 Red 1.25 Kg.
S1870 Gray 1.50 Kg. 
S1871 Red 1.61 Kg.
S1872 Black 1.75 Kg. 
S1873 White 2.00 Kg.

Discus PVC - Colored

Item Code : S2496
Brand : Schuyler
Indoor soft Pvc discus.


Discus Super 1000

Item Code : S1883
Brand : Schuyler
High profile cross laminated Lo spin wood.
Solid cross laminated wood.
70% or less weight in the rim.
Code Specifications
S1883 .750Kg
S1884 1.00 Kg
S1885 1.25 Kg.
S1886 1.50 Kg. 
S1877 1.61 Kg.
S1888 1.75 Kg. 
S1889 2.00 Kg.

Discus Super 750

Item Code : S2490
Brand : Schuyler
Cross profile laminated Lo-spin wood.
Code Specifications
S2490 0.750Kg.
S2491 1.00Kg.
S2492 1.25Kg.
S2493 1.50Kg.
S2494 1.75Kg.
S2495 2.00Kg.


Discus Super Spin - Brass Rim

Item Code : S1880
Brand : Schuyler
Strong Black Plastic with Brass rim for firm grip. 
High percentage weight distribution on the rim.
Code Specifications
S1880 1.00 Kg
S1881 1.50 Kg. 
S1882 2.00 Kg.

Discus Super Spin - S/S Rim

Item Code : S2486
Brand : Schuyler
Strong Black Plastic with Stainless Steel rim for firm grip.
High percentage weight distribution on the rim.
Code Specifications
S2486 1.00 Kg.
S2487 1.50 Kg.
S2488 1.61 Kg.
S2489 2.00 Kg.


Discus Wooden Popular

Item Code : S1896
Brand : Schuyler
Wooden practice discus.
Seasoned sheesham wood with steel rim for practice.
Code Specifications
S1896 0.600 Kg.
S1897 0.750 Kg.
S1898 1.00 Kg
S1999 1.25 Kg.
S1900 1.50 Kg. 
S1901 1.61 Kg.
S1902 1.75 Kg. 
S1903 2.00 Kg.

Discus Wooden Super 500

Item Code : S1890
Brand : Schuyler
Wooden official model, seasoned sheesham wood.
Code Specifications
S1890 1.00 Kg
S1891 1.25 Kg.
S1892 1.50 Kg. 
S1893 1.61 Kg.
S1894 1.75 Kg. 
S1895 2.00 Kg.


Rubber - Color Coded

Item Code : S1916
Brand : Schuyler
Color coded center. Embossed weight color coded discus.
Code Color Specifications
S1916 Black/Yellow 0.750 Kg.
S1917 Black/Blue 1.00 Kg
S1918 Black/Orange 1.25 Kg.
S1919 Black/Green 1.50 Kg. 
S1920 Black/Red 1.75 Kg. 
S1921 Black/Gray 2.00 Kg.

Rubber - Colored

Item Code : S1929
Brand : Schuyler
For training, available in Red, Green, Yellow, Blue and Brown.
Code Specifications
S1929 0.600 Kg.
S1930 0.750 Kg.
S1931 1.00 Kg.
S1932 1.25 Kg.
S1933 1.50 Kg.
S1934 1.75 Kg.
S1935 2.00 Kg.

Rubber - Indoor

Item Code : S1922
Brand : Schuyler
Solid Rubber, white color for indoor use.
Code Specifications
S1922 0.600 Kg.
S1923 0.750 Kg.
S1924 1.00 Kg.
S1925 1.50 Kg.
S1926 1.61 Kg.
S1927 1.75 Kg.
S1928 2.00 Kg