Rhythmic Gymnastic BALLS/ CLUBS

Gymnastic Club

Item Code : S1762
Brand : Schuyler
Competition Plastic Clubs, 44cms 160 gms.
Available colors: Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, White, Pink.
Code Specifications
S1762 44 cms, 160 gms
S1763 36cm

Gymnastic Balls - F.I.G

Item Code : S1764
Brand : Schuyler
Rhythmic gymnastic ball - FIG approved with elegant shades of colours.
Available colours: Blue, White, Red, Green, Yellow, Neon Pink, Fuchsia and Multi.
Code Specifications
S1764 19cm 420g
S1765 16.50cm 320g

Indian Club

Item Code : S1766
Brand : Schuyler
Madau type, player laequered wood.
Code Specifications
S1766 14"
S1767 16"