AGILITY TRANING slalom poles

Folding Slalom Poles

Item Code : S1083
Brand : Schuyler
An ideal product for side step development and evasion. Easy to carry.
Code Specifications
S1083 25mm PVC pole Folded. 1.60M
S1084 25mm PVC pole Folded, spring at bottom & round metal plate.

plastic Base- Activity

Item Code : S1097
Brand : Schuyler
Suitable for flat hoops or 18mm round hoops or 25mm Poles. Two height slotted adjustment for agility.
Code Specifications
S1097 4 in one

Plastic Base- Class

Item Code : S1095
Brand : Schuyler
Multi Purpose to be used on any surface.
Code Specifications
S1095 25mm dia

Plastic Base- Standard

Item Code : S1096
Brand : Schuyler
Suitable for flat hoops or 18mm round hoops or 25mm Poles.
Code Specifications
S1096 Multi Purpose

Plastic Base- Supreme

Item Code : S1098
Brand : Schuyler
Suitable for 32mm dia poles, Use for astro turf.
Code Color
S1098 Yellow

Rubber Base- All Rounder

Item Code : S1103
Brand : Schuyler
All round rubber base with fixed rubber attachment for felxibility. 
Suitable for poles upto inner dia of 27mm and with a dia of 50mm are placed over the socket.
Code Code Specifications
S1103 Black 3500g

Rubber Base- Aspire

Item Code : S1104
Brand : Schuyler
Suitable for 30mm spiked slalom pole, inserted without detaching the spike for use both astro turf and hard ground.
Code Color Specifications
S1104 Black 1700g

Rubber Base- Class

Item Code : S1099
Brand : Schuyler
Highly acceptable rubber base. Suitable for Poles 25mm dia
Code Color Specifications
S1099 Black 1200g

Rubber Base- Color

Item Code : S1100
Brand : Schuyler
High visible bright color base in different color assortments.
Code Specifications
S1100 25mm dia 1200g

Rubber Base Multi Direction-3 Hole

Item Code : S1094
Brand : Schuyler
Multi direction rubber base allows Agility poles for use in Indoor and outdoor.
Multi holes allows poles to be used vertically or on an angle. Pole not included.
Code Specifications
S1094 Heavy duty rubber base.
24mm dia -1300g.

Packing- Pack in LDPE Poly bag after that Corrugated box

Rubber Base- Prolite

Item Code : S1101
Brand : Schuyler
Extra heavy with larger base coverage.
Code Specifications
S1101 25mm dia 3000g
S1102 30mm dia 3000g

Rubber Base- Triangle

Item Code : S1105
Brand : Schuyler
Compact design. Suitable for 25mm pole for use in astro turf/hard ground.
Code Color Specification
S1105 Black 1500g

Slalom Pole - Telescop

Item Code : S1092
Brand : Schuyler
Poles are adjustable from 120cm to 170cm in 4 different Heights.
Highly versatile pole as compared to the regular slalom poles.
Poles are packed at the lowest height to save transportation & space.
Code Specifications
S1092 40mm upper pole - 32mm inner pole.
S1093 32mm upper pole - 25mm inner pole

Slalom Pole- 30mm

Item Code : S1085
Brand : Schuyler
Sturdy 30mm PVC poles,15cm metal tip. 1.60M
Code Specifications
S1085 30mm PVC poles with bottom spring.
S1078 30mm PVC poles with bottom spring & metal base plate.
S1086 30mm PVC poles with bottom spring - two piece construction.
S1087 30mm PVC poles with center spring.


Slalom Pole Carry Bag

Item Code : S1088
Brand : Schuyler
Slalom pole carry bag used for slalom pole.
Code Specifications
S1088 Size: 185cm - suitable for 12 poles for single construction poles.
S1089 Size: 120cm x 17.50 diameter for 10 slalom pole folded.

Slalom Pole- Rubber Folding

Item Code : S1090
Brand : Schuyler
25mm PVC poles with rubber encased flexible spring base provides flexibilty.
Code Specifications
S1090 Single construction - 1.60M, with 15cm metal tip.
S1091 Two - piece construction for easy transportation. 1.60M

Slalom Poles- Basic

Item Code : S1080
Brand : Schuyler
An Ideal product for side step development and evasions.
25mm dia, made of durable strong PVC plastic 1.60M.
Code Specifications
S1080 25mm Yellow PVC poles, 15cm metal tip.

Slalom Poles-Classic

Item Code : S1081
Brand : Schuyler
30mm elementary slalom poles with powder coated spikes. 1.60M
Code Specifications
S1081 30mm PVC poles, 15cm metal tip. One piece construction.
S1082 30mm PVC poles Basic - two piece construction.