Javelin - Competition

Item Code : S1819
Brand : Schuyler
• Made of special aviation aluminium alloy
• Cord grip
• Steel tip
• IAAF approved
Code Color Specifications
S1819 Blue 800g
S1820 Blue 700g
S1821 Violet 600g
S1822 Red 500g

Javelin - Practice

Item Code : S1823
Brand : Schuyler
Aluminium alloy with cord grip for practice only.
Not guaranteed against bending / breakage.
Code Color Specifications
S1823 Blue 800gms
S1824 Blue 700gms
S1825 Orange 600gms
S1826 Yellow 500gms
S1827 Red 400 gms.

Javelin Carry Bag

Item Code : S1837
Brand : Schuyler
• 420 D polyester coated fabric.
• Comes with handle. zipped & reinforced ends.
• Holds upto 10 javelins.
• Includes internal velcro belts to secure the javelins in place.
Code Specifications
S1837 upto 600g Javelins.
S1838 upto 800g Javelins.

Javelin Nocken Balls

Item Code : S1832
Brand : Schuyler
 Training Nocken ball designed to give the feel of a javelin while throwing.
Code Color Specifications
S1832 Red 400gms
S1833 Greem 600gms
S1834 Bllue 800gms
S1835 Yellow 1Kg

Javelin Practice Ball

Item Code : S1828
Brand : Schuyler
 Rubber Practice Ball 68mm filled with lead / steel balls.
Code Color Specifications
S1828 Orange 400gms
S1829 Orange 600gms
S1830 Orange 800gms

Javelin Rack

Item Code : S1836
Brand : Schuyler
Code Specifications
S1836 Steel Foldable