Hurdle 2 in 1

Item Code : S1019
Brand : Schuyler

Adjustable in two different heights. Height is adjusted by easy snap locking mechanism.

Code Specifications
S1019 Height 6" and 12"
S1020 Height 12" and 20"


Adjustable hurdle

Item Code : S1031
Brand : Schuyler

Hurdle can be adjusted from 3" to 15" at different heights. Adds flexibility and variety to the drills performed.

Code Specifications
S1031 Individual piece
S1032 Set of 6 with carry bag

Agility Training Set

Item Code : S1042
Brand : Schuyler
12 CONES, 40cm with hole & 6 poles 1M for multi agility training.
Available in Red, Blue and Yellow.

Carry Bag Hurdle

Item Code : S1043
Brand : Schuyler
Polyester coated bag.
Carries upto 12 hurdle depending on size.


Cone Hurdle 3"

Item Code : S1044
Brand : Schuyler
Each set has 1M Agility Poles resting on 3" cut markers.
Code Specifications
S1044 Set of 12 cut markers 3" & 6 Poles.
S1044-10 Set of 20 cut markers 3" & 10 Poles.

Cone Hurdle Large 6"

Item Code : S1040
Brand : Schuyler
Each set has 1M Agility Poles resting on 6" cut markers.
Code Specifications
S1040 Set of 12 cut markers 6" & 6 Poles.

Hurdle - Flat

Item Code : S1021
Brand : Schuyler

Effective training aid in flat version for quick knee lift & stepping.

Code Specifications
S1021 6" - 15cm
S1022 9" - 22.5cm
S1023 12" - 30cm


Hurdle - Micro

Item Code : S1011
Brand : Schuyler
Effective training aid for quick knee lift & stepping. Helps to increase players' speed, balance, coordination, footwork & turning ability.
code specifications
S1011 4" - 10cm
S1012 6" - 15cm
S1013 9" - 22.5cm
S1014 12" - 30cm
S1015 15" - 38cm
S1016 18" - 45cm
S1017 20" - 50cm

Packing- Pack in Poly tube after that Corrugated box

Hurdle 3 in 1

Item Code : S1024
Brand : Schuyler
Adjustable at 6", 9" & 12 inch by simply lifting the bar. Fold Flat for portability.
Code Specifications
S1024 Moulded plastic hurdle


Hurdle- Bounce Back

Item Code : S1026
Brand : Schuyler
Durable plastic construction. Hurdles return back to original position after being knocked over.
Code Specifications
S1026 20cm
S1027 30cm
S1028 40cm
S1029 45cm
S1030 Set of 4. One each of 20,30,40 & 45cm.

Hurdle Carrier

Item Code : S1018
Brand : Schuyler

Holds 12 agility hurdles of any size. Easy to use velcro that wraps around the top, to make transportation and storage easy.

Code Specifications
S1018 Good for upto 12 Hurdles.


Hurdle Jump Training

Item Code : S1041
Brand : Schuyler
Circuit Training, 2 support with height marking, 2 cones. 1 PVC pipe of 100cm.

Hurdle Multi Trainer

Item Code : S1033
Brand : Schuyler
Hurdle with folding legs in different heights adjustments.
Code Specifications
S1033 12" to 18"
S1034 21" to 36"


Hurdle- Portable

Item Code : S1035
Brand : Schuyler
A perfect folding hurdle is made of 25mm tube. Parts can be detached and stored with ease.
Code Specifications
S1035 Height 6" (15cm)
S1036 Height 9" (23cm)
S1037 Height 12" (30cm)
S1038 Height 15" (38cm)
S1039 Height 18" (45cm)